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I am a community ecologist interested in biodiversity loss and its consequences for the stability and functioning of ecosystems and the provision of ecological services. I currently work mainly in grassland and forest ecosystems. I am scientific leader of the Sabah Biodiversity Experiment in Borneo where we examine the impact of enrichment planting on forest regeneration after logging. I am part of the new NERC thematic programme: Human-modified tropical forests, which includes the SAFE project that investigates the effects of forest fragmentation on biodiversity. On the grassland side I am part of the Nutrient Network, a global co-operative program to understand how nitrogen enrichment impacts biodiversity in grasslands. I also have a sideline in ecological statistical analysis.

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Education & Professional Positions

2013 Professor of Ecology, Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford.

Fellow of Linacre College, Oxford

Co-director, Plants for the 21st Century.

2009-2012 Associate Professor and deputy director, Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich.
2003-2009 Assistant Professor, Institute of Environmental Sciences, University of Zurich.
2002-2003 Royal Society University Research Fellowship, Imperial College London.
1999-2001 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, NERC Centre for Population Biology.
1996-1999 Scientific coordinator and PDRA for the EC BIODEPTH Project.
1992-1995 PhD and Diploma, Imperial College, London.
1988-1991 BSc (Hons.), First Class, Natural Environmental Science, University of Sheffield.
Schooling Whitchurch High School & Rumney Technical College, Cardiff, Wales, UK.


  • Quantitative Methods: introducing the first year biology undergraduates to statistics
  • Tropical ecology field course to Danum Valley Field Centre in Malaysian Borneo.