No ecology group is an island, so we’re always grateful to the people who help us out and provide their expertise. In particular, the following:

Bernhard Schmid and his group at the University of Zurich. Expert in statistics and biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships.

Drew Purves and Neil Dalchau at Microsoft Research. Both highly quantitative and expert at fitting process-based models to data.

Mark Rees at Sheffield University. A quantitative plant ecologist who’s an expert on competition, flowering time and seed size among other things.

Dan Kliebenstein at UC Davis. A plant chemical ecologist who knows all there is to know about a group of plant defence chemicals called glucosinolates.

Ueli Grossniklaus, University of Zurich. A plant geneticist and epigeneticist.

Jonathan Levine at ETH, Zurich. An expert in plant coexistence theory and invasive species.

Michel Loreau at CNRS, France. A theoretical ecologist and a pioneer in the field of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning.

Ian MacKay and Alison Bentley at the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB), UK. Plant geneticists who are doing their best to teach us all they know about wheat.

Jan Bengtsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. An expert on organic farming and the effects of land-use on biodiversity.