Corrections & clarifications

By page number, with my apologies to readers and thanks to the spotters (Yvonne Griffiths, Hans Diesfeld, Matteo Tanadini)

p.17: > library(reshape) # load reshape package

p.18: > display(ls0)

p.22: “the SED is equal to the square root of two (~1.4) times the standard error”

p.26: “The residual variance from the ANOVA table is simply the square of the residual SD from the arm package display() function output”

p.32: “…using the pf() function introduced earlier”

p.51: The lines of code in the chapter 4 R script that change dens to Density and hardness to Hardness are missing from the book and must be run first (next correction) or instead just use the original names dens and hardness

p.52: > names(janka) <- c(“Density”, “Hardness”) # assign full names

p.70: While boxplots would appear to be most useful for datasets with skew and outliers sadly they don’t work very well in these cases according to the Lattice book.

p.86: > ylabel <- expression(paste(“Aboveground biomass (g m”^”-2″,”) “)). Alternatively simply delete the ylabel argument and the label will be taken from the dataframe.

p.86: p1 <- …

p.87: “Using the plot() function to check the residuals as demonstrated in Chapter 4…”

p.94: 449.4875 (not 416.0641)

p.118: right-hand panel (not middle panel)

p.131: xlab=”Arsenic concentration”

p.146: main= “Complete pooling analysis”

p.146: DELETE: facets=.~Site

p.152: Portugal 179.5590 55.776178

p.167: Website currently has original Banta data which needs to be replaced with the simplified version