Horse chestnut bark

Tobias Züst


  • Completed his PhD, Aphids as drivers of natural selection, in December 2011
  • Received a distinction for his PhD (awarded to ~1 in 20 students)
  • Received a prestigious SNF fellowship for his postdoctoral studies on interactions between milkweed and its herbivores at Cornell University
  • Key publication: Züst T, C Heichinger, U Grossniklaus, R Harrington, DJ Kliebenstein and Turnbull LA. (2012) Natural enemies drive geographic variation in plant defenses Science 338, 116-119.
  • Now: Postdoc in the group of Anurag Agrawal, Cornell University, USA



Jana PetermannJana_Petermann

  • Completed her PhD, On biodiversity in grasslands: coexistence, invasion and multitrophic interactions, in 2009
  • Received a distinction for her PhD (awarded to ~1 in 20 students)
  • Received a prestigious SNF fellowship for her postdoctoral studies on bromeliad food webs at the University of British Columbia
  • Key publication: Petermann J, A Fergus, LA Turnbull, and Schmid B. (2008) Janzen-Connell effects are widespread and strong enough to maintain diversity in grasslands. Ecology, 89, 2399-2406. (Faculty of 1000 recommended)
  • Now: Junior Professor at the Freie University Berlin, Germany


Cloé Paul-Victor


  • Completed her Phd, Seed size, growth and flowering strategy in annual plants, in 2009
  • Received a prestigious SNF fellowship for her postdoctoral studies on biomechanics in climbing plants with Nick Rowe at CNRS, Montpelier, France
  • Key publication: Paul-Victor C, T Züst, M Rees, D Kliebenstein, and LA Turnbull. (2010) A new method for measuring relative growth rate can uncover the costs of defensive compounds in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist, 187, 1102-1111
  • Now: In January 2013, Cloé will start a new postdoc at the University of Freiburg, Germany

Sima Fakheran


  • Completed her PhD, Effects of landscape characteristics on fragmented wetland plant communities and experimental metapopulations of Arabidopsis thaliana, in 2009
  • Returned to Iran to take up a Professorship at the University of Isfahan
  • Key publication: Fakheran S, C Paul-Victor, C Heichinger, B Schmid, U Grossniklaus and LA Turnbull.  (2010) Adaptation and extinction in experimentally fragmented landscapes. PNAS, 107, 19120-19125
  • Now: Assistant Professor of Environmental Sciences, Isfahan University of Technology