Yew tree

The plant ecology research group deals with all aspects of plant ecology and is led by Lindsay Turnbull and Andy Hector. We are based at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, UK.

Vacancies: Oxford University received funding from NERC to host a doctoral training programme in environmental research. Funding is available for a 4-year D.Phil programme, and eligible applicants interested in our research group are strongly encouraged to apply. Click here for more details of the programme.

The New Statistics with R: Andy’s  book is available and you can visit the R cafe to download data files and R scripts. ** Please note, corrections are now available**

  • Jan 2018: Elsa’s systematic review protocol (“What are the impacts of mixed forest stands on forest pathogens? A systematic review protocol”) has been peer-reviewed by methodology experts and can be read online here.
  • Dec 2017: Congratulations to Louise, who successfully defended her thesis.
  • Nov 2017: Congratulations to Annette Fayet, who has raised £6000 to fund a study into tropicbird declines on Aldabra.
  • Oct 2017: Welcome to all the new grad students who are starting with us!
  • Research technician Emma Jardine has been busy harvesting the RainDrop experiment and has a new blog post up with helpful hints for ID’ing grass species.
  • Annet has successfully defended her thesis. Both examiners were very complimentary. Well done!
  • Congratulations to Emma, who defended her thesis successfully in Sheffield last week.
Latest papers
  • Guerrero-Ramirez, N. R. ; Craven, D.; Reich, P.B.; Ewel, J. J.; Isbell, F.; Koricheva, Julia; Parrotta, J. A.; Auge, H.; Erickson, H. E.; Forrester, D. I.; Hector, A.; Joshi, J. ; Montagnini, F.; Palmborg, C.; Piotto, D. ; Potvin, C.; Roscher, C.; van Ruijven, R. ; Tilman, D.; Wilsey, B.; Eisenhauer, N. (2017). Diversity-dependent temporal divergence of ecosystem functioning in experimental ecosystems. Nature Ecology and Evolution.
  • Westhoek, A., Field E., Rehling F., Mulley, G., Webb, I., Poole, P.S., and Turnbull, L.A. (2017) Policing the legume-Rhizobium symbiosis: a critical test of partner choice. Scientific Reports 7: article no. 1419. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-01634-2
  • Isbell, F., Gonzalez A., Loreau, M., Cowles, J., Díaz, S., Hector, A., Mace, G.M., Wardle, D.A., O’Connor, M., Duffy, J.E., Turnbull, L.A., Thompson, P.L. (2017) Linking the influence and dependence of people on biodiversity across scales. Nature 546: 65-72.
  • French, K., Tkacz, A. and Turnbull, L.A. (2017).  Conversion of grassland to arable decreases microbial diversity and alters community composition. Applied Soil Ecology, 110: 43-52.
  • Chamagne, J., Tanadini, M., Frank, D., Matula, R., Paine, C. E. T., Philipson, C. D., Svátek, M., Turnbull, L. A., Volařík, D. and Hector, A. (2017), Forest diversity promotes individual tree growth in central European forest stands. J Applied Ecology, 54: 71-79.
  • Turnbull, L.A., Isbell, F, Loreau, M. and Hector, A. (2016). Understanding the value of plant diversity for ecosystem functioning through niche theory. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B. 283. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2016.0536