Yew tree

The plant ecology research group deals with all aspects of plant ecology and is led by Lindsay Turnbull and Andy Hector. We are based at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Oxford, UK.

Vacancies: Oxford University received funding from NERC to host a doctoral training programme in environmental research. Funding is available for a 4-year D.Phil programme, and eligible applicants interested in our research group are strongly encouraged to apply. Click here for more details of the programme.

The New Statistics with R: Andy’s new book is available and you can visit the R cafe to download data files and R scripts. ** Please note, corrections are now available**

  • Oct 2015: Welcome to Finn Rehling who is joining us as an Erasmus student.
  • Sept 2015: Lindsay’s experimental garden is finished and looking good!
  • Sept 2015: A paper describing the dynamics of Aldabra giant tortoises has been accepted in Ecology & Evolution. This is a collaboration with the Seychelles Islands Foundation.
  • Apr 2015: welcome to the project students who are working in the group for the next seven weeks.
  • Mar 2015: Congratulations to Sean, who was a contributing author on a major new paper from Andy Purvis in Nature.
  • Feb 2015: Congratulations to Yann Hautier, who has just had a paper on the effect of diversity on stability accepted in Science.
  • Jan 2015: Andy’s stats book: The New Statistics with R, has just been published by OUP (where you can download a free sample chapter).
  • Dec 2014: Congratulations to John Shekeine, whose had his first paper, on rainfall patterns on Aldabra, accepted in Biogeosciences. It’s currently available in discussion format for comment here.
  • Nov 2014: Congratulations to Sean, whose paper describing his R package – MODISTools has been accepted in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
  • Oct 2014: Congratulations to Mikey whose new paper on drought resistance has been accepted in New Phytologist.
  • Oct 2014: Is peak N key to flowering in annual plants? Camille’s paper in New Phytologist.
Latest papers
  • Hautier Y, Tilman D, Isbell F, Seabloom EW, Borer ET, Reich PB (2015) Anthopogenic environmental changes impact ecosystem stability via biodiversity. Science 348: 336-340 [doi: 10.1126/science.aaa1788]
  • O’Brien et al. (2014) Drought survival of tropical tree seedlings enhanced by non-structural carbohydrate levels. Nature Climate Change
  • Hautier et al. (2014) Eutrophication weakens stabilizing effects of diversity in natural grasslands. Nature 508: 521-525.
  • Turnbull LA. (2014) Ecology’s dark matter: the elusive and enigmatic niche. Basic and Applied Ecology 15: 93-100.
  • Tuck SL, C Winqvist, F Mota, J Ahnström, LA Turnbull and J Bengtsson. (2014) Land-use intensity and the effects of organic farming on biodiversity: a hierarchical meta-analysis. Journal of Applied Ecology. OPEN ACCESS
  • Turnbull LA, JM Levine, M Loreau and A Hector. (2013) Coexistence, niches, and the effects of biodiversity on ecosystem functioning. Ecology Letters 16: 116-127 (Faculty of 1000 recommended) OPEN ACCESS